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3 Ways of being interested… instead of interesting

Most people work hard to be interesting, and in the process lose their connection with others by putting too much focus on themselves. Instead, spend your time being interested in others. You’ll benefit by creating strong relationships that lead to business opportunities. Here are three ways to develop your skills in this area.

Ask people what their story is

Ask questions that engage them, like “how did you start doing what you do for a living?” Really listen to the answer. There’s power in listening.

Genuinely Make that connection with them. Still drawing back to their answer but sharing a personal story about what they talked about. It takes the attention off them a little while they can listen to you.

Encourage People

When you encourage others, you lift their spirits, enhance their self-confidence and add fuel to their motivational fire. This doesn’t take much effort and can mean so much to someone.

The Old-School Phone Call

One of the best ways to demonstrate the importance of a relationship is to call someone just to see how they’re doing. People receive very few calls from those who don’t have a self-serving agenda. Those who call because they genuinely care about you, stand out.


3 Ways of being interested… instead of interesting


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