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4 simple ways to keep adding value to your network

Your network is valuable. But you need to keep adding value to those in your network if you want it to keep growing and effective for your business. Here are four ways that you can easily continue to be a valuable resource to the members of your network and increase its value at the same time.

1. Keep them updated

Keep connecting with the members of your network to let them know about events that may be of value to them. There are soooo many things going on every day that we can easily miss the stuff that may be important. If you see an event that your someone in your network is likely to enjoy, make sure to share it with them. They’ll appreciate it and remember you fondly the next time you contact them.

2. Find people who can help

Often someone in your network is going to need help with something. You might not be the best person to provide it, but chances are someone in your network is. Do your best to give your network a chance to help others in your network. This could be as easy as one Facebook post. You can take the extra step of tagging names of people that could possibly help.

3. Share your specific knowledge

You’re great at what you do. Not many people can claim expertise in the same areas of specialty that you’re in (usually not those in your network, anyway). Share your knowledge. Share it often. You’ll be amazed at how often you hear “Thanks. I was just wondering about that.”

4. Give recognition

Give ’em a pat on the back. People LOVE to feel appreciated. The simple act of saying “I appreciate you” goes a long way. Publicly comment on a goal being achieved. Send out a congratulatory email or text message. Give written testimonials or thank you notes. All of these things make people feel like you care about them and they’ll want to find a way to help you in the future.


4 simple ways to keep adding value to your network


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