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Business Networking International is a worldwide organization focused on building the growth of its members through a highly effective approach to word-of-mouth referral marketing. While there are many BNI groups (thousands worldwide), each chapter is unique and has its own individual character.

Founded in 1985 on the philosophy of “Givers Gain,” the system takes its approach from the idea that when you help others become successful, they in turn help you become successful as well.

Now operating in 40 countries, BNI has more than 6,000 chapters and 120,000 members, and clearly deserves the title of global leader in the industry of word-of-mouth referral marekting. In 2014 the organization referred over $6 billion in closed business worldwide.

There are more than 240 BNI chapters operating throughout Canada. Breakfast of Champions is one of over 50 chapters in BC. Formerly located in Richmond, we meet every Thursday morning in downtown Vancouver. Our group is made up of over a dozen business specialists in different industries, who share hundreds of referrals every year leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars in closed business.

BNI meetings are held weekly, allowing members to get to know each other so that they can more efficiently refer business to one another. Referrals and closed business are tracked. During the weekly meetings, each member and guest gives a short verbal message about their business, to give the “sales team” of other members more information to better understand the business and the member’s skills and capabilities. One member gives a more detailed 10-minute presentation so that members get even greater insight into their business.

Several things set BNI apart from any other networking organization.

  • BNI allows only one unique business category or profession to be represented in each chapter. We like to say that when you “lock up your seat you lock out your competition.” This means there is only one real estate agent per chapter, only one mortgage broker, only one financial planner, etc.
  • BNI tracks actual referral and closed business activity, allowing members to see the progress of their sales efforts, as well as assisting in goal setting and planning.
  • BNI meets weekly and members are expected to attend or provide a substitute, so that everyone sees them and gets to know them. Studies have shown that weekly meetings increase referral business by more than 200% over structures where there is no such expectation.
  • BNI uses a carefully structured meeting agenda that has proven effective over more than 30 years of activity. The meetings maximize your sales potential.

The best way to experience the power of BNI is to visit. See what it’s like to be a champion. Use our convenient guest registration form to arrange a visit to one of our meetings.

The Breakfast of Champions

The Champions are unique in several significant ways. One of the characteristics that visitors comment on the most is that this group is exceptionally warm and welcoming. We love to have visitors and are genuinely interested in learning about their businesses. In addition, we are highly selective, taking our name seriously. Membership as one of the Champions is a privilege and we have been known to turn down many applications as we seek someone with the right fit. Our goal is to be a group representing the highest quality specialists in the lower mainland, business leaders and professionals known for their integrity, quality and commitment to customer service. We meet at Edible Canada, an award-winning Vancouver restaurant on Granville Island, every Thursday morning, from 6:45am until 8:30am. Join us for breakfast!

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