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Your initial investment in BNI is for 12 months, and represents about the same amount as ONE typical display ad in a community newspaper. For that small annual fee, you get a year’s worth of active referral efforts by your BNI sales team — the other members of the chapter.

The most important investment is your time. It will take time to get to know the other BNI members and for them to get to know you. BNI strategies help reduce the time required to give and receive referrals more than any other organization. Members need to be prepared to invest their time every week in developing and enhancing their commitment to word-of-mouth marketing.

Breakfast of Champions enjoys average closed business per member four times the annual investment. That amounts to a very healthy ROI.

The return on one’s investment can be positive within the first six months if the program is worked consistently and conscientiously. Some businesses take a little longer to develop the level of trust necessary to generate regular referrals. Breakfast of Champions enjoyed average closed business per member of more than $20,000 annually. That’s four times the annual investment and amounts to a very healthy ROI.

BNI is a business like other service enterprises and uses the membership revenue to maintain the program’s integrity and continuously add enhancements to the program which have proven to increase the generation of referrals within the chapter. There is no other business referral or business networking organization that commits as many resources to on-going research, development and membership training as BNI.


There is an annual fee of $570 plus tax.

When you first join, there is a one-time administration fee of $200 plus tax.

Weekly meeting fees are under $25 per week. The chapter handles the administration of this cost, so members typically pay in one installment covering three months, or give a series of post-dated cheques. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

When is payment due?

Your first year’s annual payment and administration fee, by cheque or credit card, is required with your application. However, it is not processed until after your membership is accepted.

Subsequent dues are required every three months if paying by credit card, or monthly if paying by cheque or Interac e-transfer.


What’s the Investment?

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