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Best Business Lessons of 2017

During our last weekly meeting of 2017, we asked each of the Champions to share the best business lesson they felt they had learned during the previous year. Here are the insights that were shared:

Justin Eckersall, Justin Eckersall Photography:

The most important lesson for me this year was to always remember to look after the front-line gatekeeper. These people are often ignored or dismissed as unimportant, but they can be your key source of influence. Pay attention to them and let them know that you value their role. I’ve experienced amazing results just by doing something simple like bringing them a small appreciation gift.

Erica Wells, Verico Complete Mortgages:

For me, the biggest lesson of the year is to “never say never.” There were clients who I thought would never have a chance to do business with and who came through with opportunities.

Sasha Ramnarine, Remedios & Company:

Always follow up with every referral, every client, every opportunity. There is power and gold in those follow up connections.

Pax Frias-Donaghey, Restore Human:

I’ve learned to really appreciate the face time with individuals. That one-to-one experience deepens relationships and leads to long-term support.

Kim Lepp, Home Instead Senior Care:

Follow up and go the extra mile to deliver the best service or product to each and every client.

Uwe Gesierich, UG Coaching

Deep listening. All the opportunities and all the potential you imagine is in the details that can be found just be doing some deep listening.

Jill Pennefather, Re/Max Crest Realty:

Keep notes and refer to them. Your notes are valuable, saving you time and keeping everything connected and efficient.

Shane Mottishaw, Automottic Software:

The importance of measuring things in your business. Where your time goes, where your revenue and profits are coming from, and so on. If you don’t measure these things you have no way of knowing if you’re improving or not.

Keaton Manjos, William Wright Commercial Realty

Continuously turning the fly wheel. Don’t let it stop moving.

Marko Nadj, Metro West Plumbing and Heating:

Keep it personal. Make people smile and remember you through personal contacts.

Rob Ng-A-Fook, Murrick Financial Planning:

Keep on learning and improving your knowledge, because that’s what can make you more valuable than your competitor.

Bill McDonald, Thunderbird Press:

Keep following up on your past customers even if you haven’t heard from them for a while. There might be an element of fear involved in calling someone who hasn’t heard from you in a long time. Just do it anyway. You’ll be surprised what can happen.

Jordana Dhahan, Dhahan Law:

Underpromise and overdeliver.

Sheryne Mecklai, Manning Elliott:

I’ve learned to really appreciate the benefits of having someone else refer business to you, because their influence speaks volumes about you that you could never accomplish the same way on your own.

George Pytlik, Adwiz Communications:

For me, a key lesson I learned is that it is 40 times easier to sell to an existing client than to get a new client. This is a well-known statistic, but it really came home to me in various ways during the 2017 calendar year. It is one of the reasons why engagement is such a key factor in digital marketing efforts.


Best Business Lessons of 2017


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