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Make a strong first impression

In just seven seconds, people size you up, sift you, evaluate your capabilities and decide if they will ever do business with you. That's why you need to make a strong first impression. Here's how.

Toot your own horn

We're constantly asked questions like "How's it going?" The answer to those questions is far more important than most people realize, especially if you're in business.

Write down your success stories

A good story is something people can share with others, and they will. This aligns perfectly with word-of-mouth networking, which is why you need to write down your success stories.

Write your own personal introduction

You already know the importance of making a good first impression. When you're asked to speak at an event, don't leave the impression made by how you're introduced to chance. Plan ahead!

Capture your success stories

We're trained from childhood not to boast about our accomplishments. But in business, we need to share success stories, because they inspire others.

Track your way to networking success

To become a master networker, use your contact management software to keep track of your networking contacts and activities. Here's some info to help you do that effectively.

Maximizing the 3 types of business referrals

When you network, especially in a network organization like BNI, there is more than one type of referral. There are actually three distinctly different types of business referrals you can generate.

How to grow your business in 15 minutes

By spending just 15 minutes a day, four days a week, you can achieve your networking goals. Here are some insights inspired by Bernie Pawlik, the BNI Breakfast of Champions' chapter Ambassador.

How to build your EFH marketing team

There are a number of people within every networking group who have an E.F. Hutton kind of influence. Some really believe in you, your business and your product or service. Here's how to maximize the impact they can have on your business.

How to profile your ideal client

What if you could double the number of referrals you get that represent your ideal clients? The easy way is to create a profile of what an ideal client looks like. Here's how.

Find an Accountability Partner

Being held accountable for our commitments and actions heightens our awareness of what we have determined to do. Having an accountability partner for networking ensures that you will actually do the things you plan to do.

Attitude is Altitude

Pilots like their plane to have a positive attitude because it means more altitude below the aircraft, which is generally a great thing. The same principle applies to business, and even life in general.

The Top Ten Traits of Master Networkers

BNI founder Ivan Misner asked his best networkers to give him a list of the top characteristics of master networkers. After comparing responses he came up with this list of the top 10 traits of a master networker.

Create a Catalyst Event

Golf charity tournaments and other catalyst event are a way to bring people together in a setting conducive to discussing business. Here are some handy tips for creating your own catalyst events.

Act like a host

At networking events, everyone looks forward to meeting the host, because they exude a strong, confident leadership aura. To be a successful networker, learn to act like a host at every event.

The power of sending a Thank You card

Most business people are pretty good about sending Thank You messages. Here's some insight into how much more you achieve when sending the same thank you in the form of a mailed thank you card.

How to network 24/7

What great networking adventures would unfold in your life if you were to greet every stranger with the same openness and "always on" hospitality as Forrest Gump?

Facts tell, but stories sell

Stories are a powerful way to communicate in business and should be part of your networking efforts. Here are some reasons why and helpful tips.

Givers gain with a creative spin

A BNI colleague applies the "givers gain" philosophy with a creative spin that extends even further, proving that there is always room to do things better.

Forget Business

An exercise at a networking training event provided valuable insight to the power of putting business aside when we first meet people at business networking events.

How to become a morning person

You don't have to be held hostage by a label such as "I'm not a morning person." Here are nine powerful tips from author and speaker Michael Hyatt that will turn you into a morning person.