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Champions website now mobile friendly

We’re pleased to announce that the Breakfast of Champions website is now fully responsive, looking great and highly legible on all devices without having to zoom in or scroll. With more than half of all web views now taking place on mobile devices, it has never been more important for websites to respond properly on smaller screens. Non-responsive sites require the user to zoom in on the screen in order to read the text, and then to scroll sideways, back and forth on every line, just to read a normal width column of text. That’s not viable. A responsive site re-arranges the content to fit the smaller screen, making images and text large enough to see clearly without requiring any additional action. This allows visitors to get to the information they want faster and easier.

The menu bar on smaller screens converts to a drop-down menu so that you don’t have to scroll sideways. Note that third-party plugins such as the Events Calendar may not yet respond the same way, since the way these products display their information is, for the most part, out of our control. While it is possible to address some third-party actions through style sheet changes, it isn’t viable for larger or more complex plugins.

If you haven’t explored the site for a while, take some time to do so now.


Champions website now mobile friendly


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