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BNI Fastrack Program

We are pleased to announce that our Chapter is currently enrolled in the BNI FAST TRACK – BNI Networking Secrets Program.

FAST TRACKis a fun, approved BNI chapter program. It is helping chapters all over the world be more successful. Chapters that follow the Fast Track process increase booked business by a minimum of 30% and grow on average by 30% – 40%.

Your ability to convert a referral to a sale impacts the number of referrals you need. As you and your chapter get better at giving high quality referrals and you move through the FAST TRACK Process – that ratio will improve.

For those of you who sell high dollar items – like software systems, high end homes, cars, etc. – the process is the same. In this case, what you need to think about is the commission you want to make and how that translates to the number of referrals you need. And remember – the bigger the sale, the longer it can take to close and the more important the credibility level of the referral is!


BNI Fastrack Program


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