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Flame or Wax

Ivan Misner joins Jim Blasingame on the Small Business Advocate. Ivan says that an Entrepreneur is either working in their flame or in their wax. Here’s a look at the differences.

In their Flame

Entrepreneurs who are working in their flame are on fire. They­ love what they do. You feel it. They are passionate, excited, and­ it shows. People can see how excited they are. It becomes infectious.

In their Wax

­In contrast, entrepreneurs who are working in their wax are dry. The wax sucks their energy dry. Work becomes drudgery. It’s just as obvious but has an opposite effect. Instead of drawing others to you, it drives them away.

Fire yourself from the roles you don’t want to do and promote yourself to the roles that you do want to do.

If you are excited about the things you are doing, you are going to be doing a much better job

You get to decide what your wax or flame is. And your wax or flame might change over time.

Avoid Entitlement mentality­

There’s a common mentality that basically says, “I want to be there right now.” It’s a sense that because you are driven and smart and know what you want to achieve, that you deserve to have it right now. This will get you into trouble so you need to recognize the danger signs and avoid it. For a long period of time you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, in order to get to do what you want to do. You can’t just get to do what you want to do without putting that time in.

Getting there doesn’t really mean you will be successful. Getting there will build your skill set. You might get there and lose it all for a number of reasons. But you’ll have grown and developed yourself and your skills, making it easier the next time. Re­inventing yourself­ will cause you to follow your flame

This material comes from a podcast by Ivan Misner


Flame or Wax


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