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ICBC Renewal, Is it time?

Is it time to renew your ICBC car insurance?  Not sure, or have not received your renewal letter?  Have a look at your insurance papers.  Your expiry date will show at the top of your papers or check your rear plate.  You should have a month decal showing the month and year of expiry and a small day decal.  Your insurance will expire at midnight on that day. 

Don’t wait until the last day. You can renew anytime after you receive your renewal notice from ICBC (about six weeks before expiry), and it won’t affect your expiry date nor cost you any lost time just because you renewed before the last day.

If you are missing your documents or any of your decals visit your Autoplan or other car insurance provider to replace what is necessary and go over your coverage for you. 


ICBC Renewal, Is it time?


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