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Improve referrals through one-to-one meetings

The quality and quantity of referrals you receive are a direct result of the level of understanding and confidence that others have in you and your business.

One of the quickest ways to build confidence and understanding is to schedule One-to-One meetings with other people you network with. In BNI these are referred to as the BBI or Business Building Interview.

Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your BBIs.

Schedule enough time

You should schedule a minimum of 30 minutes and no more than an hour for each meeting. This shows respect for the other person’s busy schedule yet also indicates that you are sincerely interested.

Choose the right Location

It helps to meet at the place where the person you are getting to know works, though it is common to meet somewhere else. When meeting at the person’s facility, you get a greater understanding of their work environment. You might see things that help you better understand unique capabilities or features that might not come up in discussion. Even knowing the experience of how you are greeted when you arrive can leave a favorable and more professional understanding of their business strengths. If you are combining your BBI so that both of you share each other’s business in the same meeting, or if their business is home-based, then a neutral location is fine.

Be on time

Schedule this like any client or other type of business meeting, in your calendar and give it the same importance. Be on time! Lateness will indicate a lack of professionalism that will not lead to trust.

Be prepared

Bring your Biography and that of the person you are meeting with, if they have one (if you don’t have one, get working on it now!).

Bring your GAINS profile. This is a list of your Goals, Achievements, Interests, Networks and Skills. Having this handy will help you identify specific areas where your associate can help refer business to you. For example, knowing your achievements can zero in on one of them when talking to a prospect. Knowing your interests might reveal a shared interest, thus building greater rapport.

Take notes and refer to these forms throughout the meeting.

Schedule your next meeting

Before you finish your meeting, schedule the next Business Building Interview for a mutually convenient time in the next four to six weeks, this time at the other person’s workplace


Improve referrals through one-to-one meetings


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