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Liam Robinson thinks inside the garden

Liam Robinson of Watermark Gardens is an extraordinary landscaper who brings much more to his work than just trimming hedges and mowing the lawn. Liam is a visionary with extensive experience who has designed entire garden experiences.

To help his BNI sales team better understand what he does, he invited members of the chapter to take part in a group Business Building Interview (BBI). This took place with the blessing of his client at one of his actual garden settings where he is structuring an outdoor living environment.

He showed us the drawings he uses to show a client what he has planned. He showed us some of the challenges faced in developing the environment and how he solved them. He explained and showed what makes him different from the way we normally think of a landscaper.

It was a great example of how a BBI should be structured to be effective.

Who do you know that wants to make the most of their backyard to create a sense of place? Have them get in touch with Liam Robinson of Watermark Gardens.


Liam Robinson thinks inside the garden


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