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Old age is a time for reflection

As the co-owner of Home Instead Senior Care, a local Vancouver home care provider, Kim Lepp has become accustomed to being close to death.  Below is a beautifully written piece on her first hand experience in learning how to appreciate the often feared and revered time of dying.

Since being by the side of those that are passing I realize that it is a time of reflection. I know that each person experiences death in different ways; some people have a very gradual decline while others will fade quickly, but what I find is that they all have the same journey. I used to think death was a horrible time, but now I’ve changed my view as I’ve seen people use their old age as a time to finish things that were left unfinished.

I work with seniors and have just witnessed my fifth death since starting. The importance of hanging on, or hanging in there is very prevalent so unfinished business can be completed, whatever that might be. This has been very apparent in all cases.

You know when you are younger you will say things like “I won’t worry about that now, I can do it tomorrow”? Well, my grandmother used to say, “Never put off for tomorrow when you can do it today.”  Wow was she right! In the end, you might still be trying to finish those things off, you know, the things you said you would do tomorrow do them today!!


Old age is a time for reflection


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