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Best Business Lessons of 2017

We asked each of the Champions to share the best business lesson they felt they had learned during the year. Here are the insights that were shared.

Dream big and change the world

On the 48th anniversary of one of the world's greatest moments in time, George Pytlik of Adwiz Communications reflects on how that historical moment can influence your life.

The power of giving in business

There's business magic in store when you consistently focus on helping others. This is the essence of BNI. Here are some thoughts on how you can make the most of the potential networking offers.

The 3 Primary Virtues in Business

By regularly practicing these three virtues in your personal and business life, you'll experience kindness, compassion and will become a better person in every area of life.

Find an Accountability Partner

Being held accountable for our commitments and actions heightens our awareness of what we have determined to do. Having an accountability partner for networking ensures that you will actually do the things you plan to do.

Attitude is Altitude

Pilots like their plane to have a positive attitude because it means more altitude below the aircraft, which is generally a great thing. The same principle applies to business, and even life in general.

The Top Ten Traits of Master Networkers

BNI founder Ivan Misner asked his best networkers to give him a list of the top characteristics of master networkers. After comparing responses he came up with this list of the top 10 traits of a master networker.

Act like a host

At networking events, everyone looks forward to meeting the host, because they exude a strong, confident leadership aura. To be a successful networker, learn to act like a host at every event.